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Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

By Shralper McShredenstein As a snowboarder or skier, the last thing you want to hear is a doctor asking, “So how did this happen?” But unless your luck is matched only by your...

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A Fluke Crash and a Determined Comeback

Editor’s Note: Michael Archer has been a top-flight snowboarder and a popular coach up on Mount Hood for a long time. He’s hit and landed some huge jumps in his time, and he’s been...

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A Year of Mountain Extremes

Massive snowstorms followed by torrential downpours. Brutal winds gusting to 70, 80, even 90 miles an hour. Full-mountain freeze-downs followed by Herculean de-icing labors. Has there ever...

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Bring on the Night!

By Shralper McShredenstein Of all the reasons to love riding after hours on Mount Hood, the rando’s you encounter have gotta be near the top....

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Popular Coach Seriously Injured on Mount Hood

Long-time Oregon snowboard coach Mike Archer was transported from Mount Hood to Oregon Health Sciences University hospital on January 30th after sustaining serious vertebrae injuries from a...

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New Oregon Solar Incentive Creates Opportunity for Moderate-Income Homeowners

Photo by Brent McGregor, Sandy Ice Caves, Mount Hood A generous new incentive from the Energy Trust of Oregon has unlocked thousands of dollars to help moderate-income homeowners install...

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The Unwritten Rules: 2021 Midseason Full Crowd Update

By Shralper McShredenstein, Shreditor-at-large Normally, mountain etiquette is passed down through the time-honored technique of heckling our friends and trying not to bum out strangers....

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Search, Probe, Dig: Ramping up Safety for the Steep and Deep

The deeper the snow, the greater the risk. Photo by Grant Myrdal Story by Ben McKinley Ever find yourself basking in the soul pow glory of skiing untracked snow only to realize you don’t...

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The Challenges of Building a Mountain Program During a Pandemic

Photo by Ben McKinley: Skier Rowan Farrell of the Meadows Race Team’s Big Mountain and Backcountry program launches off Hollywood on Mount Hood Ben McKinley was happy just to get his...

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