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‘That’s when you’re most alive’: Richard Hallman on the Beauty of Extremes

Richard Hallman on the other side of the lens, on Mount Hood. Photo by Asit Rathod By Ben Jacklet The first time I observed Richard Hallman working on Mount Hood, I was completely...

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Guest Opinion

Who’s Afraid of Change in The Cascade Range?

By Shralper McShredenstein Like most mornings in 1988, a freight train roars past my mom’s trailer in Aloha at 3:29 AM, horns blasting for the 185th Ave crossing, even louder than the...

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Accidents and Rescues, News

Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

By Shralper McShredenstein As a snowboarder or skier, the last thing you want to hear is a doctor asking, “So how did this happen?” But unless your luck is matched only by your...

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Accidents and Rescues, Mountain Characters, News

A Fluke Crash and a Determined Comeback

Editor’s Note: Michael Archer has been a top-flight snowboarder and a popular coach up on Mount Hood for a long time. He’s hit and landed some huge jumps in his time, and he’s been...

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Accidents and Rescues, Backcountry, News

Popular Coach Seriously Injured on Mount Hood

Long-time Oregon snowboard coach Mike Archer was transported from Mount Hood to...

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Accidents and Rescues, News, Powder Days

Search, Probe, Dig: Ramping up Safety for the Steep and Deep

The deeper the snow, the greater the risk. Photo by Grant Myrdal Story by Ben...

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The Challenges of Building a Mountain Program During a Pandemic

Photo by Ben McKinley: Skier Rowan Farrell of the Meadows Race Team’s Big...

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Accidents and Rescues, Backcountry, News

Melting glaciers add to the Mount Hood fumarole risk

Is climate change to blame for Caroline Sundbaum’s terrifying 15-foot...

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Accidents and Rescues, Backcountry, News

3 Deaths on Mt. Hood in 3 Weeks, 2 of them in Heather Canyon

Two snowboarders and a backcountry skier died on Mount Hood in February,...

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Accidents and Rescues, Backcountry, News

An Existential Threat to Mount Hood’s Volunteer Rescue Experts

The backcountry skier who fell to his death on Mount Hood February 25th was...

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