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New Oregon Solar Incentive Creates Opportunity for Moderate-Income Homeowners

Photo by Brent McGregor, Sandy Ice Caves, Mount Hood

A generous new incentive from the Energy Trust of Oregon has unlocked thousands of dollars to help moderate-income homeowners install solar panels on their roofs.

Oregon customers of Portland General Electric and Pacific Power can now qualify for large rebates, provided they earn less income per year than the following cut-offs:

The Energy Trust approved the new Solar Within Reach incentive as part of an ongoing push in Oregon and globally to accelerate the transition to clean, renewable sources of electricity. The shift is driven by a climate crisis that is melting glaciers, worsening wildfires, and creating dangerous events of extreme weather.

PGE customers who meet the income requirements can receive $1,500 per installed kilowatt of solar power. Pacific Power customers can receive $1,400 per kilowatt. The PGE incentives is capped at $9,000, which is $5,600 higher than the current cap of $2,400. The Pacific Power incentive is capped at $8,400.

Homeowners must also qualify for solar energy at their homes, with sufficient sunlight hitting their roofs. The cut-off is 80 percent TSRF, or total solar resource fraction. Trimming trees strategically can improve your TSRF to help you qualify.

Qualifying homeowners can now benefit from both the Oregon Solar Within Reach incentive and the recently extended 26% federal renewable energy tax credit to save thousands of dollars on electricity while doing something large and significant for the planet.

If you would like a solar report detailing your home’s solar energy potential and your potential savings, please contact me, Ben Jacklet. I have been the editor of Shred Hood since launching the publication in 2013. My day job is working as a solar energy consultant. I can tell you how many panels you can install on your roof to replace your electricity bill with easy monthly payments. The upfront cost is zero.

Going solar will save you money on electricity, help the environment (and the future of the snow sports industry), and add value to your home. The new Solar Within Reach incentive gives you yet another reason to make a bold move for positive change.

The time to go solar is now.

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