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Have a Beer While You Get Your Ski Boots Fitted in Portland? Yes Please!

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Getting your new ski boots professionally custom fit is the number one best gift you can get yourself as a skier.

Buying new ski boots without getting them professionally fit is one of the most reckless things you can do, and the difference between perfect boots, and a bad fit can be the difference between a season full of long, perfect powder days, and a season full of painful feet that lead to missed skiing, or worse, permanent foot damage. All skiers have had the importance of good boot fitting hammered into them, but even for experienced skiers who know the value of professional boot work, it can still be almost too much of a hassle. The boot fitting process can drag on and get boring, and at some point, it can feel like you’re sitting around wasting your day with nothing to do.

But what if instead of a noisy, high-pressure boot fitting environment, you could have a professional boot fitter dial in your boots while you relax and drink a beer at the ski shop? What if boot fitting wasn’t a chore, what if it was something to look forward to? The evo Portland ski shop makes ski boot fitting exactly that.

The shop prides itself on excellent bootwork, and has several experienced fitters on staff, who have spent years learning the craft, and honing particular solutions to specific foot shapes and boot designs. First and foremost, evo Portland is focused on making sure you purchase the best new ski boots you can get and then making sure they are customized to your feet and stay comfortable all season long. 


Even if you’re just starting the long process of buying new ski boots, and you’re trying to figure out which style or manufacturer of boots you want, it’s worth dropping in. Their boot fitting professionals can analyze your feet and your skiing style, and then work with you to figure out what you should prioritize as you look for new boots. Plus, they have the huge inventory of their website to back them up, with everything from Salomon to Nordica, and more. 

Once they’ve helped you decide on your new boots, the real magic begins. No two feet are exactly identical, even when they’re both attached to the same body. These bootfitters know that and are ready to work with you to make sure each of your boots fits perfectly, with no hot spots, loss of sensation, or rubbing. They can punch out your shells and liners, heat mold the whole boot, adjust canting and forward lean, make custom ski boot insoles, and dial in buckles. In short, they can make your ski boots feel as comfortable as you worn-in slippers. 

And while that’s happening, you don’t have to just sit there awkwardly waiting for them to stop messing around with your feet. Unlike some ski shops which can feel like you’re hanging out in your buddy’s freezing, filthy garage, evo Portland is warm, and comfortable. And to make you feel at home, they always have at least two tap handles at the shop. 

For those that don’t drink beer, one of these taps is always a local Happy Mountain Kombucha with different flavours that rotate all year round. So if alcohol is not your thing you can sip some tasty ‘Bouch while you wait for your new favorite ski boots.

But Portland is full of beer lovers, and evo gets that. That’s why the other tap at the shop always has a rotating beer available. Generally, it’s something seasonal from Migration Brewing. Migration is a Portland brewery that is widely known for their IPAs for which they’ve won multiple awards. They specialize in clean, fresh, hoppy beers, including a great Hazy IPA.

The beer tap rotates often, usually with an option from Migration, but often the shop will sub something else in, depending on what they want at the time. So swing by and see what’s on tap, they often have beers from Deschutes, Ex Novo, and Wayfinder brewing company.

Not feeling the beer or kombucha? The shop also has a Drink Water hydration station, so fill your water bottle and help do just that little bit to save the planet.


As we enter a new ski season, there is no better gift you can give yourself as a skier than ski boots that actually fit you perfectly. So swing by the evo Portland shop, grab a beer, and get comfortable. They’ll make sure you stay properly hydrated until your boots fit like a dream.


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