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A Month of Hero Snow

The latest mega-batch of Mount Hood pics from Grant Myrdal serves a reminder of what an amazing snow year this has been.

Let’s take a quick look at the numbers:

2014 and 2015 were pretty bleak, as locals will recall. But the past two winters have been outstanding, with three times as much snow as we were getting in the thin years. For those of us lucky enough to get a few powder days in, the past two months have been about as good as it gets in the Pacific Northwest, or anywhere for that matter. That’s good news for resorts, restaurants and shops still recovering from the bad years. And even better news for the Mount Hood skiing and snowboarding community. So much snow, so much terrain, from Clark Canyon to Outback and back, plus all the lines in between.


That’s Dan “Kiwi” Meier, chomping down some freshies.

Oh, yeah, Super Bowl has been open too. A lot.

Looks like someone has been scouting out some high-energy lines up there. I believe this is T.J. Boeschen in this photo but I’m not sure. Whoever it is, looks fun.

The snow turned to rain Tuesday but temps are back below freezing again as of Friday.

In fact, we just got another three inches of fresh snow today from 4,000 feet of elevation up. The forecast is calling for sunshine on Sunday.

And so it continues.

That’s Jeff Kraemer in that last shot. Thanks for the awesome pics, Grant, see you up there!

If you want to skim through Grant’s photos to see if he caught you and your friends up on the mountain, check out his searchable database here.

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