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Outdoor Community Mourns Laura Green


Editor’s Notes: It was a loss for the mountain community when Laura Green died in a windsurfing accident on December 6, 2018. In respect, we are publishing the following article from her cousin, Dale Parshall, a longtime Mount Hood skier and racer.

Mt. Hood lost a valuable snow safety advocate when my cousin, Laura Green, passed away in a windsurfing accident in the Columbia River Gorge this past December.

Laura’s passion was the outdoors.  She was a consummate kayaker, windsurfer, kiter, and backcountry skier.  She was an expert in avalanche safety, snow science, and a weather and avalanche forecaster.  Laura was a 20 year member of the Mt. Hood Meadows ski patrol. 

I didn’t know it at the time, but a short film featuring Laura was completed before her passing and made its premier at her celebration of life.  It turns out to be a wonderful tribute to her.  The film is called Winter’s Edge, by Story Gorge in association with REI, Bedrock Film Works, and Northwest Avalanche Center.  The film seeks to highlight the personal narrative of Laura, get a feel for the life and breath of an avalanche, and get a glimpse into the life of a professional forecaster and the avalanche control to which she dedicated her life. You can view the 10-minute film here.

Although the film is not intended to be a training or advocacy video, it does make you think about snow safety and lets you know there are people looking out for you.  A message to take from the film is to heed any warnings and gate closures as there are reasons for them.

In honor of Laura, my wife Sheri and I have been getting the word out about Winter’s Edge in a variety of ways.  Sheri posted it to her Facebook account and I have shown the film at ski club and ski racing events.  As word has spread, links have been posted to race organization websites pacrats.org and pnsa.org and the local ski resort where Laura was on the ski patrol (Mt. Hood Meadows). 

Laura’s husband John has created a website, Live Like Laura, to keep her memory alive. What does it mean to live like Laura?  Be active, be healthy, care for the environment, care for animals, care for each other, care for yourself.


Dale Parshall is treasurer of Schnee Vogeli Ski Club, results director of Pacrats Racing, and multiple winner of the Ski to Defeat ALS vertical challenge.

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