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Shred Hard this Season, Ladies!

What happens when you gather a group of some of the most bada** women in the NW region, have them join forces in the middle of an incredible up-n-coming ski manufacturing company’s warehouse, and then stoke them out on the winter season ahead??  Well, I can tell you that ON3P had no idea what they were in store for when they invited the SheJumps crew to their NE Portland factory!!

On Thursday, October 27, 2016, SheJumps, an organization whose mission is “to increase the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities,” partnered up with ON3P, a Tacoma-born and Portland-based ski manufacturer, to put on an event (AHEM—chicks only, dudes!) to show everyone what EXACTLY goes on in order to create the perfect set of skis.  From concept to final product, the crew at ON3P took over 60 women (Phew!  That’s a lot of ladies!!) and guided them through their factory to see what actually goes on behind the scenes in making a set of skis.

SheJumps is a group—led by women—trying to disprove what society thinks a “woman” should be. It’s about empowering us ladies to break the mold of what “standards” are.  Women are very often overlooked when it comes to extreme sports, or most outdoor activities for that matter, and SheJumps creates a comfortable environment for us to bond, stoke each other out on accomplishments, and ultimately “let our hair down” if you would.  The common goal: women CAN and women SHOULD crush it.  It was really great to hang out with a group of ladies who all see the same vision, and who all are jonesin’ to get out on some snow!

ON3P understands that women have a strong presence in snow sports nowadays, so they built a ski just for us!!  They call it the Jessie, and it’s their first women-specific ski in their line-up.  Last year, when they first released the Jessie, it was very well-received in the ski community;  this year, they brought it back, with three widths underfoot to choose from (88, 98, and 108) and three lengths as well (161, 171, 176).  For those not familiar with ON3P (OH-EHN-THREE-PEE, is how they pronounce it) they are a really cool local company, founded in 2006 by skier/entrepreneur Scott Andrus, who ordered a custom pair of skis, but was disappointed when he received them.  And what do you do when you aren’t satisfied with the skis that you ordered??!?  Start making them yourself, of course!  ON3P originated in Tacoma, WA, (in Andrus’ backyard shed), and has now made itself a permanent resident of the Beaver State, currently housing their warehouse in NE Portland.

These guys really know their stuff!  They know it all, because everything is built by hand, by some of the most passionate skiers out there.  Also, they are huge advocates of getting out on the snow to test their product.  Every new design is demo’d by the team until they come up with something that is worthy of branding and putting out into the public’s eyes, and onto their feet.  One of their mottoes is, “Who builds your skis??”  It’s great to have the piece of mind that a REAL human put effort into perfecting each set of sticks they create.  Not only that, but they are one of the most sustainable ski manufacturers out there, (every bit of bamboo and scrap metal is recycled).  Anyone who helps out Mama Nature is good in my book!

ON3p held a factory tour for the SheJumps group, showing them every single detail from start to finish, while the factory workers were simultaneously building skis (the warehouse is in full production mode right now).  The ladies all donned their protective eyewear as they went from room to room, watching the skilled employees, taking every intricate detail to heart, as they created their masterpieces.  Each and every ski is built, from the ground up, by hand!

It was incredible to see such passion for the sport being represented by each hand-crafted piece of bamboo.  That’s because everyone at ON3P shreds as hard as the rest of the mountain community does.  The people making your skis are just as passionate about the sport itself, and they put their heart and soul into every cut of wood, into every press, into every top-sheet polished.  These guys REALLY know what they’re doing!  (If you’d like to get to know more about ON3P and what they have to offer, visit them at www.on3pskis.com)

The beer was flowing; pizza made its way into the party; and prizes and gear were raffled off—before you knew what happened, it was just a rad group of chicks all hanging out and talking snow sports.  The crew at ON3P even took some time to individually answer any questions that these girls had.  It was pretty awesome to see so many gals turn up, and all for the sake of snow.

And speaking of… right now, the snow is starting to fall, and it’s almost ski season.  If you’re looking for a cool group of gals to meet up with, I highly suggest looking into SheJumps!  Women are a force to be reckoned with nowadays out on the slopes, so big thanks to Katherine Jondro (SheJumps Oregon Ambassador) and ON3P for hosting this amazing event, and for recognizing just how powerful we can be.  Shred hard this season, ladies!

Jen Winklepleck is a Mt. Hood local, passionately immersing herself in all things relating to our home volcano. Snowboarding, skiing, hiking, climbing, paddling, etc….if it’s on Hood, she’s doing it, and not only that: she’s telling you all about it!!

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