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7 Categories Shred Hood will be Covering During the Summer Months

There’s more to Shred Hood than the blissful act of sliding downhill over snow. Now that the snow is melting and thoughts are turning to beaches, waves, whitewater, outdoor concerts, bike trails and cold beers by the river, Shred Hood will be shifting its editorial coverage in response, without straying from the central mission of providing a lively flow of stories for the mountain community.

Here is a list of seven categories we will be covering this summer—and in future summers:

  1. Wind/Kite/Surf: So many snow riders are also wind and wave riders that it only makes sense to join the melting snow flowing down to the river. We’ll be publishing stories from Hood River starting in June or sooner.
  2. Paddle Sports: Oregon has got some rivers. And then there’s the Coast. Whitewater, kayak fishing, SUP,  flat calm waters, Class IV Rapids, raging seas.
  3. Climbing/Ski Mountaineering: Nothing beats a good mountain adventure story. Just be careful out there!
  4. Summer Ski Racing: When it comes to hardcore summer ski race training in North America, Mt. Hood is the epicenter.
  5. Summer Freestyle Scene: Some of the best freeskiers and snowboarders in the world find their way to Hood in the summer, and they never fail to move the sport forward.
  6. Mountain Biking: Between Sandy Ridge, Skibowl, the trails through and around Govy, and Hood River and the East Side, we’ve got trails.
  7. Sustainable Snow: Snow that stays snow and doesn’t melt, as in climate change and the future of snow. This is a category too large to ignore.

Interested in sharing your adventure stories with the Shred Hood community? Feel free to contact Editor Ben Jacklet with story ideas.

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