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The Sammy C Project will make its debut in Portland at the Roseland Nov. 20

Sammy Carlson’s long-awaited film collaboration with Teton Gravity Research will make its world debut Friday, November 20 at the Roseland Theatre in downtown Portland.

Carlson, 26, was born and raised in Tigard, Oregon, and he started shredding Mount Hood at the age of 4. He soared through his teens and early 20s winning 5 X Games medals in freeskiing, then took his talents into the deep backcountry for an ongoing film collaboration with TGR.

Among his many claims to fame, Carlson is the first skier ever to complete a triple cork. He accomplished that feat on Mount Hood, and he continues to use his home mountain as a stage to push the boundaries of what is possible in skiing, collaborating with local legends such as Tommy Ellingson and Asit Rathod, internationally known superstars including Dane Tudor and Eric Pollard, photographer Darcy Bacha, and filmmakers like Drew Lederer and Todd Jones, founder of Teton Gravity Research.

Carlson also has won two — no wait, make that three — X Games Real Ski Backcountry awards for creative footage shot out of bounds, bringing him up to seven — no, wait, make that 8 — X-Games medals in all.

TGR’s Sammy C. Project will screen November 20 at the Roseland Theater in Portland, with footage from Switzerland, Revelstoke, Alaska, Montana and Mount Hood. You can buy tickets through TGR.

This link to his 2015 Real Ski Backcountry entry gives you a taste of what to expect at the Roseland Nov. 20.

Here is a link to Sammy Carlson’s website, built by Mount Hood skier Zeb Yaklich and his team at Off the Wall Media.

And here is the teaser to the Sammy C Project:

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