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Snowvana brings “the single biggest collection of ski films the NW has ever seen” for its Mt. Hood Film Fest

The organizers of the new preseason extravaganza Snowvana will be screening four mountain films in one night on Saturday, October 22nd to pump up the enthusiasm for another skiing and snowboarding season.

The Mt. Hood Film Festival will take place on the second night of Snowvana at Memorial Coliseum in Portland, with four Northwest premiers: Level 1’s Pleasure, Snowboarder’s Resolution, Tanner Hall’s Ring the Alarm, and Tom Wallisch’s Vice Versa.

From the looks of the trailers, these four short films are packed with stunning imagery, lively music, terrifying crashes and and amazing ski and snowboard footage. There’s an 18-day climb through endless storms with Tanner Hall and friends, some crazy-good riding from Oregon-raised Ben Ferguson and jumps and tricks from the likes of Tom Wallisch that defy belief.

With spine lines through deep stacked-up powder just waiting to slide, ill-advised experiments involving concrete and steel, and all sorts of way-too-high maneuvers, it’s like a long list of stunts for regular mortals NOT to try. But it sure is fun to watch other people try them—and nail them. 

The Mt. Hood Film Festival will take place in the Georgia Pacific Room of Memorial Coliseum, on Saturday, Oct. 22. The festival’s website has the details, plus a teaser that “We’re constantly adding new screenings, so expect a few big surprises coming soon.” Undiscovered local filmmakers will also get some screen time along with the big-name main acts, so there should be plenty of Mt. Hood footage in the mix.

Should add up to quite the show. In the meantime, here is the trailer to Tom Wallisch’s Vice Versa:

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