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Pond Skim Shenanigans Get Spring Break Started Right

The Snow Beach Festival Saturday at Skibowl got Spring Break rolling with all sorts of pond-skimming, pie-eating, sun-soaking shenanigans.

Sunshine kept the rain at bay long enough for a full day of food, drinks, pond-skimming and pie-eating contests, plus a Bill Johnson Memorial Race and the Schnee Vogeli Club Championships.

This year’s Pond Skim competitors were particularly impressive. Have you ever seen someone throw a full layout back-flip into water, land it clean with minimal splash, and then calmly ride the water across to safety? It cannot be easy; so how do they make it look easy?


What an excellent day for hanging out with friends on the mountain!

The photo above was shot by Sheri Parshall (once she figured out which button to push).

Enjoy this gallery of images from Steve Garretson. And let’s hope we get some sun or snow or anything other than rain for the remainder of Spring Break on Mt. Hood!

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