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Pray for Snow party packs Charlie’s, rocks till closing

The 2013 Pray for Snow bash rocked and rolled well into the morning hours with prizes, revelry and dancing, plus a steady supply of fresh snow to keep spirits high.

Charlie’s Mountain View Restaurant and Bar was packed to capacity, and the Portland band Thrill Ride rocked the house for hours.

The event was organized by the Schnee Vogeli Ski Club and brought together a lively mix of people from the Mount Hood community.

The staff at Charlie’s hustled to keep pace with demand, working for the first time in years without much-missed bartender extraordinaire Geoff Ecker.

I would offer more in the way of specifics, but my photos from the party came out pretty blurry. Suffice it to say that what happens in Charlie’s stays in Charlie’s. The dancing and partying went on until closing, and the snow gods apparently were pleased. This is what Charlie’s looked like Saturday night:

This is what Cascade Ski Lodge looked like Sunday morning:

And this is what Timberline Lodge looked like Sunday afternoon:


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