Now is the time to go solar!

Putting solar panels on your roof will save you money, give the planet a large boost, and add value to your home.

It is easy to do and completely affordable. And it will help you do your part to address climate change, and preserve a future of snow-capped mountains.

Photo by Dan Sherwood. Skier: Tommy Ellingson, Mount Hood

You can go solar simply by taking the money you already spend each month on electricity, and redirecting it toward your own solar panels. It’s like paying the electric utility for power, except:

  • you own your power source
  • the monthly payment is protected from rate increases
  • your system is 100% clean, renewable energy.

Shred Hood editor Ben Jacklet is a solar energy consultant for Neil Kelly Solar.

We are offering solar solutions to Oregon homeowners with:

  • Sun exposure on their roofs
  • Credit scores of 650 or higher

Contact Ben to take full advantage of clean energy incentives. We can tell you how many panels it will take to replace your utility power with solar power, what the monthly cost will be, and how much money you will save by going solar.

We’ll also measure the environmental benefit of your solar system in terms of gallons of gas saved, trees planted, and tons of waste diverted from the landfill. 

Improve your home – and help save the planet – by going solar in 2021

Illumination Saddle at the Summer Solstice. Photo by Sean Jacks, Mount Hood.